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Arrest of Candidate Hayden and The Alameda ROV


Thanksgiving Greeting To Alameda County



Mindy Pechenuk, Republican Candidate for California State Assembly 18

November 23, 2022

FLASH: Congressional Candidate Alison Hayden CD 14 was arrested on Friday, November 18, 2022 at the Alameda County Registrar of Voters office. Candidate Hayden was observing the random selecting of the 1% tally batches. Hayden was arrested  for taking a photo of her own notes and was arrested on the spot, without warning, without her Miranda Rights, and  detained in jail until Saturday morning. This constitutes unlawful detainment. Meanwhile, drug dealers, murderers, and vandals are released immediately on their own recognizance.

This is not an isolated incident. Throughout the last several weeks there has been an escalation by the Alameda ROV leadership constantly breaking their own rules of observing to try to intimidate us.  I witnessed threats of arrest to Jason Bezis, lawyer for the Alameda County Taxpayers Association, for asking questions of Deputy Registrar Cynthia Cornejo. Dupuis is willing to arrest candidates and threaten attorneys, what else is he willing to do?

What are the Board of Supervisors and  Dupuis and Cornejo trying to hide? As an " preferred" observer and a candidate I was not able to see the process of bringing in the mail-in ballots by U.S. mail or drop boxes, DHL or FEDEX. I was not allowed to look at the full ballot processing of the plus/late processing? I was not able to see the ballots themselves at any point in the scanning, opening of the mail-in envelopes, adjudication and remaking of the ballots. California Election codes such as 15104 and the California Voters Bill of Rights calls for “sufficient access” and the right to ask any question.

 On November 1, 2022 I asked at the Alameda County Board of Supervisors meeting for them to relieve Dupuis of his duties as head of the Alameda Registrar of Voters. On November 22, 2022 I again called for Dupuis to be relieved of his duties. Dupuis was appointed by the Alameda Board of Supervisors and as of this writing Dupuis has not been relieved. Keith Carson, as President of the Alameda Board of Supervisors, this is your responsibility. 


 We Have Only Just Begun: It Is Time To Escalate! 

November 10, 2022

Mindy Pechenuk, Republican Candidate for State Assembly 18  

While the votes from the November 8 election are still being counted, I want to thank all those who voted and worked for my campaign, a campaign whose purpose was to implement the necessary changes in outlook and policy to make California a great productive state again, one which would contribute to the growth of our nation and all humanity. As of this writing my votetotal stands at about 14%, which is the highest percentage of any Republican running against Rob or Mia Bonta for this Assembly seat.  I am counting on all the readers of this message to continue to work with me to ensure that those making policy adopt the policies that I stand for. I will not concede this election, nor will I stop running for office. I need you in the fight with me to build the movement that we need, which is why I will never concede.  We are created in the  image of God, to create the future through the beautiful creative mind that we are given. Only mankind can consciously create its own future; no animal can do this. 

Our journey has just begun.  Since July 15, 2022 my campaign for California State Assembly 18 has visited many different areas of my district, meeting wonderful people and connecting with them on the most important questions of the economy, homeslessness, water, crime. I stressed with my fellow citizens that if we become a productive district and state, abolish the Federal Reserve, go back to a national credit banking system, shut down the drug cartel, we could solve homelessness and crime, and we could produce all the food, water, and energy we need. It is a question of intention, and I asked my fellow citizens to become active in the organizing we must do to rebuild California after this election is over. The potential is huge to unite the great state of California to become a major contributing factor in our nation's productive growth.

That is why I say, “our journey has just begun.” Last week my campaign was engaged in the Hispanic Fruitvale district of Oakland, where we participated in events sponsored by the Oakland Latina Chamber of Commerce, the Alameda County Latino Chamber of Commerce, and a campaign event of Oakland Mayoral candidate, Ignacio De La Fuente. On Friday we held a rally at the Fruitvale BART Station. The campaign was also represented at the Wilma Chan Park renaming event in Oakland.

On Sunday, my friends and teams walked the district, covering parts of Alameda, Oakland and Emeryville, again finding people who have already voted for me, and others eager to defeat the
Bonta dynasty. Mia "Missing in Action"; Bonta, has been silent throughout this campaign.  No where do you find a yard sign, mailings or flyers, or Mia’s willingness to debate me.  This is why I am building a movement of the citizens! We need to take leadership. Those in office have shown their intention to destroy the future of our children and generations to come with their green zero carbon agenda, drugs, and no rebuilding of our industry, agriculture and small and medium businesses.

Throughout the campaign I have received support to lead the fight to make California become productive by building nuclear power and desalination plants, which in turn create skilled jobs and job training. The citizens of my district want a mission for greatness, and are with me in understanding that this greatness is key to stopping crime, homelessness and the destruction of the minds of our children. 

I, along with many members of the Alameda Republican Central Committee Election Integrity team, and Jason Bezos, the lawyer for the Alameda County Taxpayers Association (ACTA,) have spent hours at the Alameda County Registrar of Voters observing the processing of the mail-in ballots. The AC ROV has violated California election codes 15104 and 15204 in not giving  "sufficient access" to the observers in almost all cases. The ROV has also violated the California Voters Bill of Rights, code 2300. Our team testified about these violations last week at the meeting of the Alameda County Board of Supervisors.  I have called for the appointed head of the ROV, Mr. Tim Dupuis to be removed from his duties and re-assigned immediately. As of this writing, Mr. Dupuis is still the appointed head of the Alameda County ROV. I and others have sent letters documenting these violations to the Civil Grand Jury of Alameda County.  On election night and throughout the week, as the ballots continue to be counted, we have teams stationed at the ROV and they are still being denied "sufficient access"; to fully observe the counting process of the ballots, and they have observed apparent violations of election practices.

What is exciting is to see this growing movement of Republicans, Democrats, NPP, and others uniting for the good and against the UNI Party. There is great potential and we are creating history. Let this be the beginning of our journey to create a real republic. Join with me and LaRouchePAC to recreate the American economic system. Join with me and President Trump in 2024, along with TakeCABack.  I want to thank everyone who worked with me through this campaign. 


Recent News

MONDAY, NOVEMBER 7, 2022 3:32 PM



Press Release:

Alameda County Republican Party Election Integrity Committee Details Failures by Registrar of Voters


On Tuesday, November 1, 2022, eight members of the Alameda County Republican Party Election Integrity Committee testified at the regular meeting of the Alameda County Board of Supervisors concerning the serious problems relating to security of the vote in the upcoming November 8 election. The testimony was presented in connection with a matter being taken up by the County Board in closed session. The Board had received a letter from Jason Bezis, attorney for the Alameda County Taxpayers Association threatening legal action if the Registrar of Voters continued to deny observers “sufficiently close access” to ballot processing and making the chain of custody of ballots “open to the public.” Election law specifies that observers must be provided "sufficiently close access" to observe the processing of ballots. Some of the speakers, including candidate for State Assembly Mindy Pechenuk, even called for the removal of Tim Dupuis as Registrar of Voters.


Here is a listing of the failures observed:

  1. Observers have not been allowed “sufficiently close access” to view opening of envelopes and inspection of ballots. They have to watch through a window 15 to 25 feet away.

  2. When observers have asked to see where ballots are brought in from the drop boxes and from the U.S. Postal Service, they have not been allowed to do so. Similarly, observers are not allowed to observe how ballots are stored prior to being processed.

  3. Alameda County has 56 ballot drop boxes. According to the Secretary of State's directive they should each have a video monitor, “if feasible.” According to Deputy Registrar Cynthia Cornejo not one of the 56 drop boxes has a video monitor. This is not the case in other California counties.

  4.  Alameda County Registrar of Voters has a contract with Konnech Corp. which collects data on election workers. Its CEO was just arrested for transferring data on election workers in Los Angeles County to be stored on a server in China.

  5. Several members of the Alameda County Republican Party Central Committee have observed problems and irregularities with elections in the past, including problems with access for observers. The chair of our committee, Jackie Cota, made repeated requests to meet with Registrar Tim Dupuis since July of this year. Only last Friday, October 28, eleven days before the election, did he finally have a meeting.

Enough is Enough: The Entire Monetary System is Blowing!                                   
   We Need New Leadership
20221015_105002_HDR (2).jpg
        Pleasanton Truck Rally - October 15, 2022
Press Release 10: Mindy Pechenuk for State Assmbly 18
October 21, 2022
Yes, the blowout of the entire global monetary system is blowing out. This did not just happen yesterday, but has been unraveling since the 1957 recession. This is why you have hyper-inflaiton today at your gas pump and stores. At every turn we could have made a correction, but the majority of my fellow Americans did not act on the solution. Now is the time to act on those solutions and let the Globalist of the United States, Britain and Europe take the fall.
The solution is simple: Vote Mindy Pechenuk for California State Assembly 18 and get active with my campaign over the next few weeks. Help get out the door hangers, flyers and yard signs.
 1) abolish the Federal Reserve which is a major factor in controlling your life and running the American economy.

2) Establish the National Banking credit system as per our Consitituiton. 

3) Immediately issue the credit to our farms, industry, great infrastructure projects, and small and medium businesses which are engage in real production. 

This is how you stop hyper-inflation, take back our sovereignty and give our children a future that they can partcipate in.  

After the election stay active with me and the movment I am building with many other grassroots leaders and LaRouchePAC.  We will never stop fighting!!


Mindy Pechenuk AD 18 Election Statement: Newsom and Bonta Live in a Fantasy World: Time to Build Nuclear Power Plants and Move Ahead to Fusion Energy-

Mindy Pechenuk Press Release #8  September 6, 2022

Mindy Pechenuk, Republican Candidate for California State Assembly, District  18


Time to End All This Talk About Man Made Climate Change and Zero-Emissions.

Time to build Nuclear Power Plants and Move Ahead To Fusion Energy!

  Contact: Gerald Pechenuk at 323-210-9483


We are alive in the 21st Century and Newsom, Biden, Mia Bonta are living in a fantasy world of wind power, solar energy, and zero-carbon emissions. To be blunt, their fantasy world is a genocide, de-population culture of death.  Join my campaign for State Assembly whether you are Republican, Democrat, or Independent or any other party. Work with me, and build a movement that can change California and the Nation.

The American spirit has always been characterized by an understanding that mankind is created in the image of God, to have dominion over nature and subdue it. This is the creative beauty of being human and not an animal. We can discover new principles that allow mankind to develop our universe to a higher good. This means today promoting breakthroughs in nuclear energy while developing even higher energy sources with Fusion.

All the fanfare about Newsom and the California State Senate and Assembly passing SB1137 which keeps Diablo Canyon Nuclear Plant open for 5 more years, is a false flag. Yes, Diablo will stay open, which is good, but this was a political trick by Newsom to appear to look good. There were no funds dedicated to building any more nuclear plants; all the funding in SB1137 goes to Zero-Carbon Emission projects. Yes, $54 billion over 5 years, which allocates $6.1 billion for electric vehicles, including battery-powered school buses. My opponent Mia Bonta has gone as far as proposing that we build offshore wind power.

Mia Bonta and the others who support the ban on gasoline powered cars and forcing people to buy only electric cars are clearly demonstrating they do not hold human life sacred. There are two types of mining for lithium for electric car batteries. There is some high tech mining going on, mainly by China, but a lot of the mining is done with slave-like conditions in Africa, where men are mining at the cost of their lives and family lives. They go down into mines which are unsafe, without modern equipment, and go into tunnels which they dig by hand. All for a few dollars a day for what they find. Who are these conditions benefiting? Much can be said about the carbon emissions generated by these “zero-emissions” projects, including the manufacture of windmills.

 Why I am Running for California State Assembly 18

 This is why I am running in the November 8th election for California State Assembly 18 to replace Mia Bonta. What we need to do right now is allocate the funding to build hundreds of nuclear power plants in this state and the country. Mia Bonta and her Attorney General husband Rob Bonta are fully aligned with George Soros and others of the UNI Party, who have brought about the destruction of our state, country and humanity. We don’t have crises; we have a mis-leadership which supports a policy of depopulation, some consciously and others through corruption and intellectual laziness. Homelessness, drugs, drought, flooding, hyper-inflation all can be solved. To solve these takes you reading this to work with me, not only to get me elected, but to build the movement of growth, the American working class, and give our children a state and nation with a mission of growth. It must be done now. If we continue to allow the mis-leadership of Mia Bonta and the entire UNI Party to rule, the consequences will be loss of life and the end of this nation and humanity. God created man to develop the universe, and the universe reflects this upward direction of growth to the new higher power of the good. This is why we are not still in caves rubbing sticks together for fire.

During his administration, President Trump had made  a priority of nuclear power and the Artemis Space program. He had driven the development of advanced nuclear reactors and the potentials of new Generation III+ and IV reactors. President Trump's administration cleared the way for Idaho National Laboratory’s (INL) to go ahead toward successful development and deployment of GEN IV nuclear energy systems. As the INL proudly states, some 150 nuclear program employees and more than 800 additional engineers and scientists use their specialties to execute all aspects of nuclear plant design, testing and operation. For instance, in 2019, the fuel for TerraPower’s new nuclear energy concept was developed at the INL’s Materials and Fuels Complex and is undergoing testing, among many such projects.  Since November 2021, Terra Power and Southern Company have been collaborating in building the experimental nuclear reactor at INL, which is the molten chloride fast reactor using liquid salts as a coolant and as a fuel.

 What does this mean for California?

No more brownouts, clean environment, all the energy we need, which can also be used to provide energy to 30 plus desalination plants to deliver us the water we need. Lower prices for energy, lower prices at the pump, lower prices for everything we buy. No more hyper-inflation and more productive jobs.

 Take the case of Georgia: 

This is where President Trump intervened to save two Vogtle nuclear power plants now being finished in 2022 and 2023. These are two Generation III+ AP 1000 nuclear reactors and are the most advanced to be commercially built in the U.S.  In September 2018 President Trump’s U.S.  Department of Energy gave preliminary approval for $3.7 billion of federal loan guarantees to the troubled Plant Vogtle project, which created 7-8000 jobs which trained workers for construction of these plants, and also created a new nuclear workforce. THIS IS HOW WE PUT AMERICANS BACK TO WORK AND TRAIN OUR YOUTH AND WORKFORCE.

 We can do this in California. We can open up this great state with development; this is how you tackle the education question, the homelessness. We grow with development. What has created our problems today was intentionally created by the Globalist UNI Party in the mis-leadership of our country, as we heard from Biden on September 1st from Philadelphia PA. 

Join my campaign for State Assembly whether you are Republican, Democrat, or Independent or any other party, work with me, and build a  movement that can change California and the Nation

July 25, 2022  

Mindy Pechenuk, Republican Candidate for California State Assembly 18  (Oakland, Alameda area) released the following statement on Monday, July 25, 2022 

It Is Time for Gavin Newsom to Put Up or Shut Up

Our Lives Depend On Water

On May 12, 2022, the California Coastal Commission, including Governor Newsom's  appointees, unanimously voted down the plan for construction of a desalination plant at Huntington Beach that would convert Pacific Ocean water into 50 million gallons of fresh water per day, enough water for 400,000 Californians.  The people of the state of California come first. Our lives depend on water.  
I am calling on all candidates running for office in California in the 2022 general election, be they Democrats, Republicans, No Party Preference or none of the above, to join me in demanding that Newsom fire his four appointees to the Coastal Commission NOW."  

We must set aside our differences and unite together, irrespective of party.  We can and must create the momentum to stop the environmentalist lunatics that are putting the citizens of California and the nation's food supply at risk.  We can no longer tolerate policies which make the citizens of this state "an endangered species."     
Gavin Newsom must immediately fire the four Coastal Commissioners who blocked the new facility which he claimed he supports. 

If you would like to endorse this statement "It's Time for Gavin Newsom to Put Up or Shut Up," respond  to this email by emailing me, Mindy Pechenuk at  with the following note in the subject line:

  "I want to endorse the statement 'It's Time for Gavin Newsom to Put Up or Shut Up.'"

Further Action:

1) Call your State Legislators today:  Here is the link to find your legislator and his or her phone number: member

2) Call Gavin Newsom office today:  916-445-2841 

3) Email Gavin Newsom office today:
Background on the Plant That Should Be Built Now

This desalination plant would be a sister to Poseidon's Carlsbad plant which produces 50,000 acre feet of water, providing 10% of San Diego County's water supply.  Governor Newsom and  state legislators should enact the laws necessary to begin the immediate construction of the Huntington Beach desalination plant on a schedule of 24 hours 7 days a week. There is no reason for the environmentalist lobbies to be allowed to get away with this. 
Furthermore, in the near future I will issue a plan to construct not one, but 30 of these desalination plants. 
I will be proposing to have six desalination plants built in San Francisco Bay.  This will ensure that we have present and future water for our daily needs, including expanded industrial and agricultural production.  

 We must demand that Newsom act now.  We will not survive as a state if we do not put people first.

 We demand that all California State Legislators not only support this demand, but fight to get the shovels in the ground to build every desalination plant we need. 

Press Release #2 

August 1, 2022


Yes to Desalination, No to Windmills and Greenhouse Gas Frauds

  by Mindy Pechenuk

Republican Candidate for California State Assembly 18, Trump - Supporting America First Candidate!          


We need a new California legislature that will put the people first and not the genocide policy of CO2 reduction to combat alleged climate change. That is why I am running for State Assembly in district 18. Our food supply, industry, and basic water needs are being deliberately sabotaged by Gavin Newsom and the California State Legislative body. I have looked at the bills they are proposing and passing and you would think we are all about to die from CO2 “greenhouse” emissions.

 Today, as reported in the East Bay Times, State Senator Steve Glazer and Che Timmons of the Plumbers and Steamfitters Local Union 342 announced a Greenhouse Gas plan put forward by the California Air Resources Board “Climate Change Scoping Plan.” They propose a plan for “carbon sequestration,” which would “capture carbon emissions and return them to the earth before they can harm the atmosphere.”  I think we should leave “scoping” to cat litter boxes, not chasing carbon.

On Wednesday Gavin Newsom proposed another insane plan to build a Delta tunnel project, but not one desalination plant.

Last week I called on Newsom to fire his four appointees to the California Coastal Commission which had voted down the building of a new desalination plant this past May. To my knowledge Newsom has not fired these appointees.

There is no excuse; we need the shovels in the ground now to build 30 desalination plants. We can use the almost $100 billion surplus money in the state budget, of which $49 billion is discretionary. We can float bonds to build these plants now. There is no excuse. This raises the question: why is the UNI Party of Democrats and Republicans going along with the Green Agenda? I don’t accept the excuse from the Republicans that “we are a minority and can get nothing done.”  That is why I am running as a Republican and calling on Democrats, Republicans, No Party Preference voters and others to work with me now. The drought is intensifying throughout California and the west. We need bold leadership to act now. The urgency is great and I am willing to spearhead that leadership. Newsom and the State Legislature are worse than missing in action.

I know the issue is not money, but the intention of the leadership. With my leadership, working with the Congress, and you, my fellow citizens of California, we can shut down the Federal Reserve, re-establish a Constitutional credit system and create the Third National Bank. This would remove the power of the small group of financiers of Wall Street, Black Rock and the City of London, et al. who are currently controlling the Green genocide agenda. I am putting this in strong and truthful language, because it needs to be said and the solutions carried out. I am currently working with others throughout the nation to make this happens. We are not alone in California.

 Join my campaign for Assembly District 18 and work with me now by circulating this Press Release, call Gavin Newsom’s office and the members of the State Assembly:

 1) Call your State Legislators today: Here is the link

 2) Call Gavin Newsom's office today:  916-445-2841 

3) Email Gavin Newsom office today:


Press Release #4

From the Campaign of Mindy Pechenuk
Republican Candidate California State Assembly Dist. 18

August 8, 2022

The following message will be sent by me to Governor Gavin Newsom:
Governor Newsom: If you sign SB 57, the blood of our citizens is on your

The criminal mis-leadership of the California State Senate and Assembly have passed SB 57, which would create “Overdose prevention centers” to provide “sterile consumption supplies” to facilitate use of illegal and deadly drugs.

This constitutes nothing less than murder of our citizens, people who have become addicted and enslaved to narcotics due to the failure of government to both enforce the laws against traffickers, as well as the failure of government to create a functioning economy, one with decent jobs, job training and the promise of a productive future for our youth.

Those addicted need treatment, not more drugs. This law will do nothing to prevent more people from becoming addicted, but will further turn Oakland, San Francisco, and Los Angeles into drug dens, dominated by a culture of violence, instead of the great cities of growth and development that they had been in the past, and should be again.
My opponent for the State Assembly, Democrat Mia Bonta, is among those who voted for this bill, sponsored by Senator Scott Weiner, D-San Francisco. We are in a war for the soul of this state and the nation.

The California Senate Republican Caucus has called on Newsom to veto the bill. I am calling everyone into the mobilization. Governor Newsom, it is your responsibility to use your executive authority and veto this bill; the lives of our future generations are at stake.
The culture of death, typified by drug addiction, is promoted by those who run the Federal Reserve and the globalist Central Banks.

Drugs don’t just happen; they never have and never will. Before the assassination of President Kennedy we did not have a drug problem; we celebrated the creative spirit of our people as embodied in the space program and great projects for economic development.
When Pat Brown was Governor, we built great water projects and many other things. Our young people believed in the future.

They were not homeless, committing major crimes, or killing themselves with drugs.

Urgent Send a message to Governor Newsom NOW!
Click link here to send the demand to Newsom to Veto SB57

Contact | California Governor
Also, You Can Call Newsom's office and demand he veto SB 57.
Call Newsom at 916-445-2841



For Immediate Urgent Release - Tuesday, August 9, 2022 

From the Campaign of Mindy Pechenuk, Republican Candidate  

California State Assembly  District 18 

  Mindy Pechenuk: This Is A War For the Sovereignty of the Nation, Not Just  "An  Election" 


  Mindy: " The action taken on Monday August 8, 2022 by the FBI to raid the home of President Donald Trump was a declaration of war by the Globalists of the Biden Administration, FBI, DOJ, as well as international agencies of British Intelligence. These institutions and the individuals involved must be immediately removed from office and held fully accountable. There is no need for a long investigation. The evidence is there since the first time President Trump stepped down the escalator in Trump Tower in New York. These are the same institutions, with others involved in stealing the 2020 election."


   "The FBI historically has never been on the right side of the United States. The FBI was conceived as a tool to be used against the patriots of our great country and other nations. Some of the targets of the FBI and their globalist masters have been: Albert Einstein, Martin Luther King, John F. Kennedy, Lyndon LaRouche, Ronald Reagan.The list is long."  


"No one can sit back, this is not a partisan question, it is the sovereignty of our country which is at stake. Make your voice heard now to your representatives and demand immediate action be taken against these institutions and individuals involved. This is not something to watch, you have the power to act or be responsible for the outcome, which would be the loss of our nation and future generations. " 


 Call Your Congressmen and Senators - 202-224-3121


                                                                  Press Release #7


From Mindy Pechenuk,

Republican candidate, California State Assembly, Dist # 18


August 15, 2022


Newsom's $8 billion Water Plan is Just Another Ass-Covering Policy

If you go with Newsom's plan, you will not only not have water, you will not have food

               Mindy Pechenuk today released the following statement :

What we need today is an aggressive plan to build 30 desalination plants right now in California.

This is what the California State Assembly needs to put into action right now. Weeks ago I called on Newsom to fire those whom he appointed to the California Coastal Commission who voted against building the new Poseidon desalination plant in Huntington Beach, which would have provide enough water for 400,000 people. Newsom has not fired those Coastal Commissioners yet!

What would 30 desalination plants do:

1) This would give California the water needed, eliminating having to decide between water to drink or grow our food. Newsom's $8 billion plan will leave you with no food in the grocery store and nothing on your plate to eat and hardly a drop of water to drink.

There is no reason for California to have more than 800,000 acres of some of the best farmland in the world lying fallow this year.

2) The building of 30 desalination plants in 1 year, with teams of builders working 24/7 would create a tremendous industrial mobilization in California. and the rest of the country. Think of the bill of materials for building 30 desalination plants. All types of machine tools, construction, and all the nuts and bolts of engineering that will go into high gear. Our citizens will be working in productive projects, with a moral mission. We will be training our youth and others in and for this mission.

3) Newsom plan is the Green Agenda of the Uni Party Globalists of Wall Street, City of London and the Federal Reserve.

Newsom's plan states:

Expand brackish groundwater desalination production by 28,000 acre-feet per year by 2030 and 84,000 acre-feet per year by 2040 and help guide location of seawater, desalination projects where they are cost effective and environmentally appropriate”.

4) We are not in this drought because of man made climate change. We have arrived at this point because of deliberate intention of those that have been in government for the last 60 plus years. We are humans created in the image of God, with the creative powers to develop our state, country, world and universe.

Newsom also states in his $8 billion plan:

The best science tells us that we need to act now to secure California’s water future. Climate change means drought…

Regardless of drought or flood, in this changed climate there will be less water available for people to use,…. To match the pace of climate change, California must move smarter and faster to update our water systems…”

5) Newsom's plan claims:

The State will help streamline and expedite permitting to provide better clarity and certainty to further desalination projects. To this end, by June 30, 2023, the State water Board, Coastal Commission, DWR and other State entities (e.g. State Lands Commission) will develop criteria for siting of desalination facilities along the coast and recommend new standards to facilitate approval.”

This is the same Coastal Commission that would not implement the existing plan for the Poseidon Huntington Beach desalination plant on May 12, 2022.

Newsom and his buddies have NO INTENTION of implementing any workable solutions. We cannot wait till June 30, 2023 or beyond. We need to get the shovels in the ground now, build the 30 desalination plants and nuclear power related facilities.

6) Where is Mia Bonta and her cronies? All I hear from them is more of the genocidal Green Agenda. This is why you need to organize with my solutions and  support my campaign for State Assembly  Dist 18.

Join in supporting me, in my fight for real solutions and in the critical forthcoming November elections. 

Contact Mindy at for interviews or more information 

 For further documentation  

 1. Read Pat Ruckert’s “Yes, He is Running for President, and Just Announced Another Ass-Covering Policy.”

 2. For a fuller discussion of water and solutions, read the weekly California Water and Infrastructure Report, by Pat Ruckert:



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