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Time To Clean UP Oakland City Hall

Press Release:From the Desk of Mindy Pechenuk-Candidate for Oakland City Council at Large 2024

June 24, 2024

Time to Clean Up Oakland City Hall!

I am a supporter of the Recall of Mayor Sheng Thao and District Attorney Pamela Price. I am calling on Mayor Sheng Thao to step down now. People are dying and lives are being destroyed, there is not another second to waste.

City Hall needs to be cleaned up in many ways. Not only do we have to stop the corruption of our elected officials which is now being aired publicly, with the FBI, IRS, Postal Service investigation going on, but also we need to deal with the destruction of our Oakland due to the incompetent convictions of our city authorities.

For too long Oakland and Alameda County have suffered violent crimes, drug abuse, and homelessness, which has been intentionally created. As the city officials sit around and drool over the budget, with only one thing in mind. CUT, CUT, CUT! That is exactly the problem.

The only way Oakland will be safe and productive again is to grow our businesses and industries. Oakland was once a thriving community and the home to many small and medium businesses as well as many industries. We have a great Port of Oakland and a great international airport. Yet the city is on the verge of bankruptcy.

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Paid for by Pechenuk for Oakland City Council 2024 | FPPC #1469153
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