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The Solutions to stop the murder of Califonians and Americans

Close to a quarter-million Americans have died from drug overdoses in the last two years. These are children, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles and grandparents who could have raised families and contributed to the good of our nation and humanity. Millions of children are trafficked into slavery and sex. The drug cartels and the child human trafficking are one in the same criminal network. We are in a just war against this evil, and we will fight on principle and win! 

These deaths must not stand in vain. These children's lives must not stand in vain. Today, we the living must finally put an end to both this drug scourge and child trafficking. This is a question of leadership. Since the 1960's we have had too many politicians and people in high positions who are part of protecting the drug cartels and their political, military and financial  support operations. Today much of the money and funding of this criminal activity is what is known as the " offshore banking institutions, which are now everywhere. This is criminal economics of "unregulated banking" which is done with the tacit nod of our U.S. Treasury, the Global Central Banks, and the U.S. Federal Reserve. This is true in California today. The California State Legislature is too busy  passing  or trying to pass bills  which promote the legalization of drugs of many types or supporting legal drug injection sites. As your state legislator, I will work nationally to shut down these "unregulated banking institutions" and the Federal Reserve System. I will organize to replace them with the American System of National Banking. If our children and future children are going to have the good productive lives they deserve, contributing with their lives to the good of our nation, this criminal financial " unregulated banking" needs to be completely shut down. I will lead this fight in and out of the California State Legislature, join me now. 

As your state representative I will pull together not only this state, but will work together  with other states, and Mexico. I support the efforts of  President Trump to shut  down the fentanyl from China, through Mexico's Southern border and California Ports. We can end the scourge of all drugs, including Fentanyl. We can clean out the drug cartels in our state of California which have populated many areas of our state. The explosion of illegal cannabis grows in California has exploded over the years. The California State Assembly and Senate has failed to  adequately fundi the local sheriffs and other agencies to eradicate these cannabis grows  and  the loopholes in the laws have encouraged the growers. For example the fine for growing illegal cannabis is only $500.00. 

 I ask the question: Why has our Attorney General Rob Bonta or your incumbent State Legislator and my opponent Mia Bonta, and others not done what I am proposing to shut the drug cartels down? This is a deliberate policy of ethnic cleansing and depopulation. 

1) As your legislator I will do the work to shut down these "criminal unregulated banking centers" and replace them with our American System of National banking to support the working family and our future.

2) As your legislator with your support I will support the necessary military, National Guard, and police action that is necessary to stop all drug activity. Not only our borders and ports, but also clearing out the cartels inside California. There is no way a local Sheriff can do this on his or her own. Our Sheriffs, police and Civil Grand Jury's need to be reinforced and get whatever is needed to shut down the drug cartels. 

3) Full military deployment which is coordinated nationally and with Mexico and other countries. We had this starting to work under President Trump, his working with Mexico and shutting our Southern Border, as well as President Trump pressure on China to stop their Fentanyl from coming into the United States. 

4) California needs to authorize the power to confiscate and disband business and political associations that are associated with the drug trafficking, as well as hold those involved in this criminal activity to be tried and found guilty of destroying the lives of our citizens.

5) As your state legislator I will go after the financial and corporate institutions which are involved in allowing this criminal activity to prosper.

6) I will promote rehabilitation centers and programs that will help get those addicted to drugs and the homeless. This is what is needed, not safe injection sites as promoted by some of the California State Legislature. 

7) I will lead the fight to create productive jobs, industry, agriculture for our Assembly District and for the entire state. 

8) We need to celebrate a culture which found this great nation, where the beautiful creative mind of every child, woman and man is held sacred. God created us in is his image, and gave us creativity, which God does not give to the animals. Those who support, promote the drug culture, are acting against what it is to be human and the culture which founded our nation and our California. 

Time to put an end to what  was started back in the 1960's with the drug and green agenda. Now it is 100 times worse. Stand up with my campaign now, leadership and together we can make a difference. 

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