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Solutions, Solutions, Solutions

We have a great future together, we can build a new Oakland, Alameda and Emeryville that will grow again with industry and small and medium businesses. We can solve the problems associated with rampant crime and homelessness. We can restore safety to every street. To do this we must change the leadership of our Assembly District and our state and nation.

What Needs To Be Done and What Needs To Be Undone To Make Our Economy Grow!

  • I call for immediately stopping the California Assembly and Senate and the current Governor from intentionally funding degenerate programs like the Green Zero Carbon Agenda. The Green program is a depopulation policy. It is designed to destroy the productive industries, agriculture, and small to medium businesses. Their attempt to replace all gasoline and diesel fueled cars and trucks with all electric vehicles, to replace your gas stove with only electric stoves are two examples of this insanity. Also, replacing our energy use of fossil fuels with windmills and solar power.
  • As your legislator I will oppose the funding of the Green Zero Carbon Agenda. For example, I would ensure we build all the nuclear power plants we need to produce cheap and clean electricity. Throughout the history of our nation and mankind, we have always created new and more energy dense sources of energy, not less. This will also employ thousands of Californians both in the construction as well as needed materials for these projects. Demand Now our California State Legislature to start building the needed nuclear power plants and stop selling our electric grids to the highest bidder.
  • We can develop fusion power to take us safely into the 22nd Century. We can create water management projects, we will never again have to be at the mercy of weather cycles. We can build great projects like the North American Water and Power Alliance, which will create thousands of skilled jobs and businesses for our local communities. An additional benefit is this necessary science driven economy will inspire our youth and give them a state and nation with a higher mission of human dignity. This is the American Can Do Spirit.
  • Why do we have a huge homeless problem? It is intentional.
  • One of the key steps to be taken to solve the homeless problem is to create a productive California again.
    • We can train our unemployed, youth and homeless who can work to be part of all these projects.
    • For those who can not be trained because of mental health issues and drug abuse we can set up facilities for their entire lives.
  • We have so much work to be done together building our energy, water projects, industry, agriculture, Port of Oakland, building new cities, cleaning up our existing cities, or building new parks.
  • Statewide I can help California also build new cities, we don't have to crowd everyone into a small area. In Fact about 94% of California's land is undeveloped.

How to Fund All The Projects We Need

  • Redirect the budget and credit of the state into these projects, not the Green Agenda and unnecessary projects.
  • The redirection of the necessary credit into these projects that will develop our cities and state will not be inflationary. In fact this will help to rid the inflation California has suffered.
  • As your legislator, I will work with other legislators to work with our Federal Government to rid the nation of the Federal Reserve and their anti growth and inflationary policies. The Federal Reserve only serves the interest of the International Central banking system. We need to return to the American System which puts you, the American people, first with the development projects and mission to grow families and a healthy society.
  • This is why you need an American System Presidency, and this is why I support Donald J. Trump in 2024. With an American System President, California and other states can carry out the necessary development we need to do.

Oakland was once a great manufacturing center for California, maybe most reading this don't remember. We were thriving with skilled jobs, families and children growing up in a safe and productive area. Children who themselves would grow up, to have families and continue the good God created us in his image to do.

With hard work together, we can erase the ugliness and create even a more beautiful and productive Alameda, Oakland and Emeryville, California and nation, which will benefit all of humanity.

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