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San Francisco GOP Resolution Passed presented by Mindy Pechenuk

Whereas, Siaka Massaquoi a conservative actor, comedian and the first Vice-Chairman of the Republican party of Los Angeles Caiifornia was abruptly arrested Thursday, Nov. 30, 2023 upon his return to the Los Angeles and 
Whereas, the supposed crime Siaka has been charged with are misdemeanors for stepping a few feet into the Capitol for two minutes on January 6, 2021 to observe what was going on and
Whereas, we are coming up to the anniversary of January 6th. We stand with Siaka and the other J6 prisoners
Therefore, be it resolved by the San Francisco Republican Party Central Committee meeting on January 3, 2024 that we denounce this blatant attempt at political persecution of this outstanding God fearing man and devout Christian man 
And further be it resolved, that we call upon the Republican Party of California as well as County and local branches all over the State of California to take all remedial actions to prevent this clear acts of overt political harassment from being carried out.

Paid for by Pechenuk for Oakland City Council 2024 | FPPC #1469153
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