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Not One Penny More to the Degenerate Culture of Depopulation!

There is "one" and "only one" reason for the evil degenerate culture and education system we have today in California. It has been consciously created and deployed to destroy our nation, state, and local communities.

The creators and pushers of this degenerate culture are bankers with three piece suits, the Federal Reserve,the DOJ, FBI, CIA, all who work with leaders in the British financial and intelligence institutions. Critically it is some of the people you have elected to office. Over the last 60 years the state and nation has witnessed the succumbing slowly but surely, step by step to the degeneration of these elites by accepting the latest new fads,  as in the case of CRT, Global Warming and COVID. We have reached a bottom from which we need to decide to change or lose generations to come.

The Question of Education

As your State Assembly member I will go to Sacramento. I propose not one penny more goes to any of the programs pushing CRT, transgender activities, and the Green Agenda. These programs are destroying our children and our future. I agree fully with Donald J. Trump, as he stated in his Agenda 47, if he is re-elected he will Federally cut off all funds to schools who promote transgender activities and CRT. We need to do the same for the state. It is time for concrete actions, no more small band aids. These band aids are making the situation worse.

The guiding principle for our education system is the fundamental principle of God creating man in his image. God created mankind with a cognitive creative mind to develop humanity through discovery of new principles which advance our societies. This was the basis of our great American Revolution and why today we are not still rubbing two sticks together to cook our food. The conscious targeting of our children's minds and souls did not start today, but we have reached the most destructive phase and this must stop now.

..Be fruitful, multiply, and replenish the earth and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth.” Genesis I:28


  • We need to introduce various levels of education:
  • 1) Remedial classes in basic reading and math skills. The California education system over the years has become one of the worst in the nation. According to reports California "leads the country in illiteracy". We need to move aggressively to make these programs available, including directing the funding to ensure our schools are properly maintained, training of new teachers, smaller classrooms for individual attention and learning material. Most children in a constructive learning environment will progress. Do not let anyone tell you we can not afford to do all of this.
  • 2) Our schools need to teach critical thinking that will allow our children to discover their cognitive powers. How?

The curriculum should include the ability to study the great minds of the past who have made the great discoveries about our universe, great art and music which develops their soul and mind. Our children need to study ( just naming a few examples) Plato, the Renaissance thinkers, J.S. Bach, Einstein, Kepler, Edgar Allan Poe, Shakespeare, George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Alexander Hamilton, Abraham Lincoln and the true history of the nation.

  • 3) Trade schools should be made available to every student who wants to develop his or her skills to go onward in the much needed job skill for our communities and beyond.
  • 4) We should expand and take full advantage of the Music, Art, and Drama programs that exist in Alameda, Oakland and Emeryville. Our youth being engaged in the Classical aspects of these arts will enrich their minds and souls. For example, the Oakland Symphony Orchestra and Chorus has a youth program, MUSE, which also works with the Oakland School districts. Another program is the Pacific Boy Choir of Oakland.

The California State Legislature can reverse all the funding away from their current programs which are destructive. For example, why not get rid of the drugs, instead of trying to create safe injection sites, or pushing for legalization of psychedelic drugs. The California State Legislature can stop funding the green agenda. Billions and Billions are being poured into these programs which will kill us and our future if not stopped.

An example of this is AB1078, see below:

" (e)Restricting access to classroom and library materials because they feature LGBTQ people or were written by LGBTQ authors discriminates against LGBTQ people and constitutes censorship in violation of California law and policy. Similarly, efforts to categorically exclude topics related to race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, or other protected characteristics, or of present or historical discrimination based on protected characteristics, from school library collections, curricula, or classroom discussions constitute censorship that violates California law and policy" AB1078

I am calling on you to join my campaign, to now work with me to build the movement with the solutions. We need to think and act in a big and bold way. Time to leave the "comfort zone" of popular opinion" and instead act to take personal responsibility for the future. Time to not be a slave to politicians who create the problem and then give you money for a band aide.

Soar like an eagle and with the principles of our Constitution " to promote the general Welfare, and to secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our posterity".

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