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It's Time to Hold Fentanyl Dealers AND Our Representatives Accountable

It's Time to Hold Fentanyl Dealers AND Our Representatives Accountable

California leads the nation in fentanyl deaths.   It is no exaggeration to say that California has become a living hell for all of the people in the state and most especially the hundreds of  families that are losing loved ones every year to this nightmare.  Watch the video attached of a recent hearing in the California State Senate and judge for yourself:

Is California a fentanyl sanctuary state? Watch the video here:
There is no excuse for the current Fentanyl and drug plague that is exploding all over California and our great nation. This explosion of drugs is a deliberate policy of depopulation and genocide, not only carried out by the pharmaceutical companies, but by the political and financial ruling Globalists.  Let me be clear:  this did not start yesterday, but is a continuation of a policy over many centuries by the British Central Bankers and ruling elites, who hate the idea that we are created in the image of God, with the unlimited potential to develop and love humanity and our ability to be sovereign with scientific and cultural growth.
This is why I am running for California State Assembly 18 in 2024, not only against Mia Bonta, who has protected and promoted legislation which enables the drug lobby to grow, but I am running against the Bonta dynasty and all their friends. 
What it takes to shut down all drugs and the killer Fentanyl is an intention, and it takes state collaboration with the Federal Government. 
1. We need to start at the top - There needs to be an agreement with Mexico on going after the cartels. For example most of the Fentanyl comes from China in two forms direct Fentanyl or the precursor mixtures, which are then distributed to the Cartels, such as the Sinaloa Cartel, which in turn sells the Fentanyl into the United States. 
President Donald Trump was engaging in exactly that kind of collaboration with the President of Mexico and pressuring China to stop the flow of Fentanyl into the U.S. We need to put pressure on elected officials for such action again. We need the full power of the U.S. Military and National Guard deployed. This is why we need Donald Trump as President of the U.S. again.
2. The California State Legislature must enact laws to ban these drugs, not support legislation such as Senator Scott Wiener's bill to legalize psychedelic drugs, and other bills to promote and enable more drug use.
3. As your state legislator I would immediately fight for full power for the sheriffs and national guard to dismantle the existing drug cartels which have operate all over California. This needs to be a coordinated effort with state, local and federal authorities. As your state legislator, I want to be personally involved  in overseeing these operations. 

4.  As for the drug pushers on the street, we need to arrest them and rehabilitate those that can be rehabilitated.  This gets to a fundamental question: Why do we even have such a drug problem?  As I said earlier, this did not start yesterday, but with each generation it has gotten more deadly, as with Fentanyl today.
Why we have the drug problem would require a longer discussion, which I hope to have a forum on soon. What has been under attack is the fundamental culture that created our nation, a culture based on the idea that we are in the made in the image of God, and as it says in Genesis 1, mankind is to be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth and subdue it. Man has dominion over nature. We need to restore that culture again to our nation; without it we will be destroyed.  This is a war, spiritual, moral and physical.  
Let us together restore the culture of growth! Let us give our children the mission of discovering their creative contribution that allows mankind to flourish. Let us restore our productive industries, agriculture, space mission, fusion development and a society of agape, where we celebrate each other's lives.  This is the principle of the Preamble of our great U.S. The Constitution as our founding fathers created the idea of promoting the "general welfare."  It is in this culture of growth instead of despair which will make the drug use disappear. Instead, those using drugs can find their worth, dignity and contribution to the future of humanity and know that their lives mattered in the immortality of mankind.
In this context we can create a real rehabilitation program for every user, and have the State of California provide all the social needs and programs, knowing we are on the road to recovery. There is no limit on cost, EVERY HUMAN LIFE COMES FIRST. If there is a real intention, the programs are there, and we will get rid of all the red tape. NO FAMILY will go without the support they need. 
It's time to clean the house of the BONTAS and DA's like Pamela Price. I hold the entire California State political leadership responsible.  I am calling on you, my fellow patriots of today, to stand with me and fight. We can win, but it is going to take courage and not giving an inch. 

Mindy Pechenuk for District 18 State Assembly

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