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My grandmother told me I must “leave this world a better place than when I was born into it”. Her words, her warm and loving heart, and her common sense understanding of the world got my attention when I was a kid in Brooklyn, New York.

I learned early that principles precede and define values! Principles are eternal. Values are how our mind and heart interpret the world around us, giving us guiderails for living.

Decades ago, I was drawn to the philosophy of a man many people today have never heard of, Lyndon LaRouche. I was a young woman enrolled at Yale College for a graduate degree in music. (I had help from a teacher who believed in me! I could not afford this elite school otherwise.)

I wanted to be a musician. I thought an IVY LEAGUE education with a master’s degree was the best choice for a promising future, so I went to graduate school. I was wrong!

Yale College, this “institution of higher learning”, made clear that “higher learning” was not the real goal. Exposure to and rejection of the vain, confining curriculum liberated me from earlier teachings that had captured my mind. And, it is our minds that set us apart from all other of God’s creation.

The Yale experience did teach me one critical lesson: I learned what it means to be an American. I am free to think… free to write… free to invent… free to express my opinion… and free to seek life, liberty, and happiness in a country that embraces our inalienable rights.

I have spent years as a community activist meeting and working with people from all walks of life. I educate people on how they might improve their lives. I encourage them to invest in themselves and their communities and not to rely on government handouts. We know what is best for ourselves, our families, and our children.

Principled choices and personal responsibility are essential for living the best life a person can have. This is the foundation of our American system of government, a constitutional republic.

Historically, we have lived under monarchs, oligarchs, and dictators. Today they are called globalists, central bankers, and the uniparty. There have been a few democracies, but they could not survive because of the chaos that stems from too many people having too many ideas, with too many conflicting interests.

We are NOT a democracy. The "great American experiment" is a constitutional republic, the only one in history. Founders of the American system of government believed God created mankind in His image. That HE blessed us with creative minds, loving hearts, and the capacity to know what is evil and to act against it.

I am battle-tested. I am ready to serve you. I will not be distracted! I will govern with honor, with compassion, and with principles. I ask for your vote. 

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