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Meet Mindy 

There Are Solutions!


 The guiding principle of my life has been to leave this world a better place than when I came into it.  That is why I have collaborated with Lyndon LaRouche for the past 48 years to return our nation and humanity to the principles of growth and development as envisioned by our Founding Fathers.  This is what qualifies me to be your state legislator. I have organized on behalf of the American people from New York, the Midwest, and now in California and have taken on the globalist Uniparty in all of its evil guises. As a trained classical musician I am uniquely qualified to address the question of how to restore our human dignity, especially for our youth today. 

 I am not a career politician, nor do I desire to serve more than necessary. I welcome all Republicans, Democrats, Independents and others to come together to build this movement.  In 2076, when the 300th anniversary of our great nation is celebrated, it will be, in part, because of what we have done here together today.

My Thoughts

As your State Assembly Member I bring the knowledge of the American System to re-organize both California and the nation.  God created us in His image with a creative mind that allows us to shape our future. It is that future that our children need, with a vision of greatness and the power to do good.  We are human, not animals. These are the principles of our U.S. Constitution as it embodies the principle of the General Welfare not the Green Agenda, not the cultural degeneracy of the current leadership of California. 


We Need Bold Action -- No more band-aids or destructive policies

This is why I stand for abolishing the Federal Reserve immediately. The Federal Reserve is a private institution controlling all the decisions of what our state and nation invest in, and how we deploy our money. This is unconstitutional. Our Constitution is clear, that it is the responsibility of Congress to regulate the currency and financial matters.  Our nation was established as a credit system, not a money system.  The Federal Reserve is part of the British Central Banking system, whose interest is to destroy the sovereignty of the United States and other nations.  This is why we have hyperinflation; this is what is destroying our cities and farms, and encouraging investment into drugs and gambling.  It is time to end this system and take our sovereignty back.  A return to Constitutional National Banking  will allow the credit to flow to the needed infrastructure projects. For example - water!  The state legislature should be developing 20-30 desalination plants across the state.  The credit from the National Bank would allow this to become a 24/7 project employing thousands of skilled workers in all areas, from construction, to industry, to the needed nuclear power. We could set up on-the-job training for many of our youth.  Let us create a mission, which brings us together. Check out my Issues page for more!

I am currently a member of the Alameda Republican Central Committee, as well as leading the work of LaRouchePAC and working with TakeCABack, in building a grassroots candidates and activist movement locally and throughout California. 


Act now with my campaign. We can make the difference. Do not sit back and hope someone else does what is needed. 

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