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  • California Republican Assembly of Santa Clara California 
  • John Guerrero-VP Engineering (Retired)  Greeting people from behind a table set up on the sidewalk, as they run their errands, is a powerhouse of wisdom & knowledge. Mindy understands how America’s founders drew from the ancient Greek civilization forward to mold our nation’s founding. More importantly is the protection of man’s freedoms that unleash man’s imagination and innovative spirit. Mindy has a vision of CA’s reindustrialization, building of cities powered by new low cost, clean energy like fusion and playing a major role in the colonization of the moon and beyond. California needs Mindy Pechenuk.
  • Deborah Baber-Book Publishing Executive (Retired) Owner, Republican Values Center (Simi Valley); Founding Member POV-Point Of View (Ventura County); Member, GOP Central Committee (Ventura County); GOP Convention, Associate Delegate (2020);  Mindy Pechenuk is a dedicated America First patriot. She is smart and well-read. She easily communicates simple and complex ideas. She inspires people to get involved. Mindy knows how to start and to continue conversations around hot topics. Importantly, she knows how to bring the discussion to a close leaving participants satisfied that their ideas and voices were heard. Mindy means what she says and says what she means. It is really that straightforward.
  • Jackie Cota-President, Tri-Valley Republicans; Alameda County Central Committee Member AD16; Alameda County Republican Party Election Integrity Chair; Chair of EITACCAMindy Pechenuk has invested a substantial amount of time in her community, fostering an in-depth understanding of the diverse cultures and the expectations held by the citizens regarding their Assembly candidate. She demonstrates the ability to articulate policy positions and formulate strategies that effectively address the extensive array of social and economic concerns within her district. Mindy has devoted a substantial amount of her time to community volunteering, addressing a wide range of topics, from Election Integrity to actively participating in board meetings where she articulates specific policy concerns and offers well-researched solutions. Mindy Pechenuk has dedicated her entire lifetime to political organizing and policy formulation, garnering recognition for her commitment to robust conservative American investment policies. I proudly endorse Mindy Pechenuk for California Assembly District 18.
  • Linda Bell Harrell,

    Chair America First Chamber of Commerce -Beyond a doubt, Mindy Pechenuk is the most qualified person to run for any California State Representative office in many years. Mindy acquired a great deal of political knowledge and experience throughout her life, actively supporting the Working People. She has vast knowledge and experience as an America First proponent. In all she does, Mindy exemplifies honesty, fairness, and thoughtfulness. Mindy will use those qualities to be tough on crime, strong on borders, strong on trade, proud of our heritage, and proud of our American values. California needs Mindy. America needs Mindy. Mindy needs your vote. Vote Mindy Pechenuk on November 8thAmerica First Chamber of Commerce proudly endorses Mindy Pechenuk as candidate for the office of California State Representative 18 AD.




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