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I am presenting new solutions. To see why these solutions are necessary, it is important to understand the real causes of the problems.

Hang in there through this overview and send me your questions and comments. We are in this together!

Over the last 70 years there has been a policy intention by the globalist uni-party to impose a global order based on de-population and de-industrialization.  

This is behind the policies of radical free market, rabid environmentalism, bailouts of megabanks and hyperinflation. It has led to a massive drug epidemic, including 100,000 overdose deaths last year, mass homeless camps aka open drug markets and huge spikes in violent crime. 

This situation has been brought to you by the likes of Newsom, the State Legislature, and the leadership of the major parties, acting as patsies for British intelligence, the City of London, Wall St and their Federal Reserve puppets. If you think I'm exagerating, I am not. 

These are not separate issues. The problem is systemic.  It is time to deal with the root cause and I am the only candidate taking up that fight.

My campaign is to change the  State Assembly of California and to lead a movement throughout the state to replace this failed globalist system with the sovereign American system of growth and development for all.

If you  think this is a big job, you are right, and this is why it is the right approach and will create a real future for all children. Winning the American Revolution was a big job and today this is ours. That is why my campaign is to get you involved. We are a republic in which you create the difference. That is America, we are citizens and not victims; that is why we can succeed! 

You now know what is wrong, now to fix it.


 There are solutions!



The problem is not just hyper-inflation, the entire system is bankrupt!

  • Our mission is to create an economy which is productive and based on constant new developments in energy, technology, manufacturing, industrial growth and agriculture. 
  • The AD 18 has had a history of great manufacturing. Now the top employers are all service sector or related. We need to reopen new manufacturing in this district.
  • The AD 18 has a great port, which has much more potential.
  • In AD 18 we have many good people who need job training. We can do this with the above projects and create training for all ages. 
  • To open up AD 18 we need to create a state and national policy, this is why I fight to shut down the Federal Reserve and set up the Constitutional National Banking credit system. 
  •  This would end the hyper-inflation and allow our economy to grow. Nothing else will work.
  • Within this framework we can rework the state budget and get the resources now to the immediate projects we need. People come first! America comes first!


Time to deal with the drought, by creating the necessary water projects!


  • Yes, we are in drought, but the shortages today are because we have built no new water projects since the 1960's.  
  • I will fight to create 20-30 desalination plants in the state. We are surrounded by the Pacific Ocean.
  • We could put 6 desalination plants along the San Francisco Bay which would give us the water for our cities and surrounding agriculture. 
  • As your State Assembly Member I will end the insane environmental laws which are preventing these and other projects.
  • We need to look into ionization projects to help create fresh water. 
  • In the long term we need projects like the North American Water and Power Alliance. This huge project will bring water to the entire West, South and Midwest. This would employ 10,000's of thousands  of citizens and open up the opportunity to train our youth.  
  • Our state legislature needs to stop supporting the green climate CO2 hoax and start supporting the needs of the people of California!



Energy is for the people to grow and develop

  • Use our fossil fuels. I will take action against any legislation and regulations based on  the myth of CO2 climate change. 
  • Build nuclear power plants across the state
  • Expand the funding to our fusion research
  • I will fight to remove the gasoline taxes and other environmental taxes.
  • With constant advances in new energy resources there can never be shortages.

Drugs, Crime, Violence, Homelessness and Education

The question of culture

The reason I put these issues last is not because they are less important. In fact they are very crucial for our future and our children. However, to deal with these urgent problems and solve them, we must end the system controlled by the Federal Reserve and the globalists. You will never solve these problems as single issues!


  •  The Drug Cartels can be shut down. What President Trump was doing with Mexico and the border wall was an excellent beginning.
  • Take away the financing of the Drug Cartels, by shutting down the banking system that supports them, which is the Federal Reserve System and the mega banks they have been bailing out in the United States and Internationally. Without the City of London and the central bankers we would not have a drug problem. Drugs did not occur as a natural cultural shift, it was intended!
  • Change California policy of setting up the free drug zones. We need real rehabilitation and job training in a productive mission oriented culture. This is the American System.


Intention is Everything

 I will fight to rid California of the George Soros controlled District Attorneys as well as having a State Attorney General who will uphold the principles of our U.S. Constitution, not legalize crime. 

  • We need to clean out the corruption in the justice system and ensure that the police can enforce laws and that criminals will be prosecuted.
  • We need to clean out the financial and political structures that support  crime and violence, and who want chaos as part of  their political control.


Let us get to the root cause of homelessness
  • It is a result of the globalists of the Federal Reserve, Wall Street and the City of London who deliberately shut down the majority of American industry, manufacturing, farming and small and medium business over the last 70 years.
  • The likes of Nancy Pelosi, Gavin Newsom, Kevin McCarthy and the "RINOs" of the California GOP have danced too long to the tune of the globalists. Now is the time end their power.
  • Priority number one is to make our nation fully productive. We need a full set economy.  That means making products in America, no more outsourcing to other countries for cheap labor. Trade, yes; but not outsourcing.

  • We start job training programs for the homeless who can be trained in the skilled or semi-skilled jobs we need. 
  • We provide the necessary housing and medical needs. 
  • Wiping out the drug cartels and those political and financial institutions which create and push the drugs will make a major difference.  


 The most important wealth in our state and nation is our children!

  • Education is driven by the mission of the nation for growth, and the understanding of the power of the creative human mind. This is American culture that founded our great nation.

  •  When JFK was president and we had the start of the space program, I looked up to the stars, with the optimism of what our minds could create, and there were no limits  to growth. President Trump started to give us that same spirit with the Artemis space program to have a man and woman on the moon by 2024, and to develop an industrial base on the moon for further discoveries. Today we have the Webb Telescope bringing us new horizons and discoveries of principles.  This is the celebration of life, and what it is to be human in the image of God. This is what our children need for their education.
  •  In California we have a lot to make up. We have fallen to the lowest in basic education. I do believe with my leadership and you working with me for these goals, we can take back our schools.
  • We can create all the remedial education for our children and inspire them at the same time.
  •  We need to rid the school system of CRT or any programs like this.  Let the good teachers do their work.


Election Integrity

  • I will fight to end mail-in ballots.
  • One day for the election.
  • Paper ballots and ID verification.
  • Transparency in counting the vote.
  • End the "Jungle Primary" 

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