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Mindy Pechenuk is committed to tackling the financial mismanagement that has led Oakland into a dire $177 million general fund deficit. With a firm plan to audit city and NGO accounts, Mindy promises to redirect funds away from ineffective projects and towards solutions that address the city’s root problems. Her financial strategy focuses on growth and development, not cuts and constraints, aiming to revitalize Oakland's economy and ensure fiscal accountability and transparency.

Public safety and infrastructure are at the core of Mindy’s campaign. She plans to enhance the presence and support of law enforcement, engage the National Guard when necessary, and ensure our public spaces are clean and well-maintained. Recognizing the critical state of homelessness and drug abuse in the city, Mindy proposes a comprehensive approach that includes employment, mental health services, and drug rehabilitation, offering practical, long-term solutions to these pressing issues.

Education reform is a top priority for Mindy, who is deeply concerned about the future of Oakland's children. She advocates for an educational overhaul that includes specialized classes for students who are behind, freedom for teachers to design diverse and engaging curriculums, and robust after-school programs. By enhancing educational opportunities and resources, Mindy is dedicated to lifting the standards of education in Oakland, ensuring every child has the opportunity to succeed and contribute to the city’s growth.

" I champion law and order, I believe in secure borders, I want a strong economy, I revere our republic, I honor history, I live in Oakland, I love California."

"I want what you want. I ask for your vote."

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